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Pyms Capital Resources is pleased to provide you with some representative Due Diligence Lists. We are here to help you with your exit strategy right from the start. There is no substitute for great preparation, and Pyms Capital Resources wants to help ensure a smooth transition period.

Oftentimes, a seller will ask us what a buyer will need from them when they want to sell their community.

To begin, buyers will often ask for the “usual” which will include providing a few years of financials, census data, provider agreements, payroll and licensing information, etc. However, this is usually just enough basic material to allow buyers to know if they would like to make an offer.

Once a Purchase and Sale Agreement is in place, there are cumbersome Due Diligence lists that must also be provided prior to closing. Having the following information at hand will considerably speed up the process.  Each buyer is different, and will have its own lists.

Sample Due Diligence Lists

Due Diligence List 1

Due Diligence List 2

Due Diligence List 3

Due Diligence List 4

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